Geography bilingual – Class 8

The geography bilingual class was a totally new subject for us this year.

We were very excited about what was coming up!

Our first topic was „Maps“. We talked about the types of maps and how to read them.

After that our highlight began: INDIA!
India, a county, very far away, on another continent, +5,5 hours from Greenwich Mean Time, at the Indian Ocean: a different world.

The first thing we learned was the geography of India. What does it border to? Are there mountains in India? What are India’s big cities? Where are New Delhi, Bombay or Bangalore located?
We also talked about life and work in India. How do people live in Indian cities and in the countryside? What about housing? What about education? What kind of work can you do?
Many important things!

After we gained so much knowledge about India, we talked about Mahatma Gandhi.
Who was he? What did he do? Why is/was he so famous?
We read many texts about him and learned much about him!

We also did something very special, besides our lessons! We donated food to the Mother Teresa foundation in Essen!
But let’s start from the beginning:

Mother Teresa was born in Skopje (Macedonia) on 26th August 1910.
After her father’s death in her early childhood, she decided that God would be her „new“ father.
Later, Mother Teresa joined the Sister of Loreto, a community of nuns. She was sent to India, where her big mission started.

In India she started a school for poor kids and took care of the starving and sick. Orphanages, hospitals, hospices and charity centers around the world were opened by her and the „Missionaries of Charity“ that she founded. Mother Teresa worked for the poor until she died on 5th September 1997.

When we heard about Mother Teresa’s life, we wanted to support the Mother Teresa foundation here in Essen where they give food and hot meals to homeless people.
We went to this foundation with food that we had collected.
It was an awesome feeling to know, that we could help them!

This year was great and we hope that the following one will be, too!


Lateinprojekt Historia

Der 9er Lateinkurs von Frau Raschik las im zweiten Halbjahr die Historia Apollonii regis Tyri– die Geschichte des Apollonius, König von Tyrus. In der Geschichte