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Championship victory

Dear school community,

exactly one year after our sensational success at the Beach Volleyball World Championships, a team from CHG under the leadership of Thomas Wojtczak has once again managed to become German Volleyball Champions.


On to the next world championship.

You can find the report below.

Thomas Reuter


Stories and reports from school life

Here we tell exciting and interesting stories from our everyday school life: about special activities, excursions and trips, about events and highlights. We inform and report on important events and activities that invite you to get involved.

Committed to the future by tradition

For us, appreciation is at the heart of our actions. In this way, we create the conditions for an open, inspiring learning atmosphere and a strong social interaction.


In our pedagogical self-conception, we attach great importance to high-profile specialist teaching, comprehensive general education and social skills. Our students can not only orientate themselves in the changing world, but they can also help shape it.


We are an ERASMUS+ school – Enriching lives, opening minds

As an accredited ERASMUS+ school, we can fully finance our students’ stays abroad in 27 EU countries. We network with our partner schools in France, Italy, Spain, Norway, Greece, Belgium, Romania, Hungary, Poland, the Netherlands and Slovakia and carry out international projects that enable our students to experience Europe.


Our profiles – your profit

Whether MINT, MUSIC or ERASMUS+, with our profiles we arouse your curiosity and promote your interests. We take part in competitions, research and experiment. We are in active contact with many other schools in various European countries through the “Erasmus+” school support program.

We offer additional training for special language qualifications in French, English and Spanish. In cooperation with the VV-Humann volleyball club, we prepare for “Youth training for the Olympics” in sports.


This is how community becomes an experience

When dealing with each other, we attach great importance to mutual respect. Everyone should feel comfortable with us. That’s why we encourage the willingness to be considerate of one another and to learn and work as a team in classes and courses.

We also offer a variety of projects and working groups that promote and strengthen empathy and social interaction.



there now

You have found out about our school on our homepage. You got a more personal impression of us on the Open Day. You spoke to students and teachers and had your questions answered, ..and now you have decided to come to  Humann. Here you will find everything you need to register at our school. We look forward to seeing you.


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