Our main building is special. It is partly a listed building from 1904, which is probably correctly described with the word “venerable”.

In the administration wing and partly also in the classrooms there are still the beautiful parquet floors from earlier times.

The natural sciences physics, chemistry and biology as well as the computer science rooms are housed in the so-called new building, which is connected to the old building via a staircase.

We have a strong Wi-Fi signal in all rooms, which is able to operate the school iPads of the students and the staff.

In half of all rooms, we already have ceiling projectors with which teaching results, materials, etc. are projected.

In the school year 2022/23, all our rooms will also be equipped with additional projectors, digital boards, screens and digital flipcharts via the Digital Pact.

In addition to a study room for the high school students to work and stay in their free hours, there is a kiosk and an afternoon dining area.

Like our administration, our school social worker, Mr. Richter, and our IT expert, Mr. Baukrowitz, have their offices in the old part of the main building.

The main building has two schoolyards, the lower larger one, which is the first point of contact for all students, and the upper one, which invites you to linger or exercise, with trees, table tennis and basketball facilities.

For many decades, our entrance portal has provided the traditional backdrop for grade, class and course photos.

Everything else is shown in our little film about the main building.